Data + Python @ NYU Stern

Data Bootcamp: MBA Due Dates

Due dates for Data Bootcamp @ NYU Stern, Spring 2017, MBA section. Deliverables are due at the start of class on the dates listed.

January 31
First class. Bring your computer, roll up your sleeves.

February 7
If you haven’t already, complete the Entry Poll, sign up for the Discussion Group, and read the Syllabus and Project Guide.

February 14
Submit answers to Code Practice #1

February 21
Submit answers to Code Practice #2

February 28
Submit answers to Code Practice #3

March 7
Recommended but not graded: Optional Code Practice A.

March 7
Exam (75 minutes, in class, open book, open internet if the wireless is up, bring one page of notes).

Answer key

[Spring Break, have fun]

April 4
Submit Project Proposal.

April 20
Submit Data Report. This is really a little late; we urge you to think about data from the beginning. Ask for help if you’re not sure you have what you need.

May 12 (5pm)
Submit your project to NYU Classes. The file name should be your last names separated by dashes and a short title; eg, something like Jones-Smith-Zhang-India.ipynb. See Project Guide for additional information.

This is the absolute latest time a project can be submitted. No exceptions. Keep in mind that this is the last possible time, not a target; you’re more than welcome to submit your project earlier. And honestly, you don’t want this to drag on any longer.