THE BLOG: Undergrad Spring 2019

Guide to what we have been doing with Pandas

Feels like we have been doing a lot and covering a lot of ground the past several classes. It also feels a bit confusing. Here is a recap of with the associated notebooks if you are lost…

Code Practice #2

This is posted now, lets complete this by the February 22nd.

This will essentially cover Python fundamentals 2, so things like…

We will put this to work with the Poe poem. Then start our intro to pandas this coming week.

Code Practice #1

Tips/Help/Common Questions…

What have we been doing in class. If you are unsure one way to see what is going on is to check out my code repository on github here:

Where I will be posting the code from each class that we worked through.

How do you download a notebook? Simple, click on a notebook you want. Github should show the notebook, then right click on “raw” and do “save as” this will allow you to save the notebook to where ever you want on your computer. There you can see what we did, etc.

Freakonomics and Big Data

Here is a really funny, nice talk about Big Data (in business and academics) by Steve Levitt (Author of the book Freakonomics). It’s long, but you will laugh. At least try to get through the first five minutes about Sumo wrestling…or the “punched in the face question”…make it to the end and you can hear about MBA’s…

January 22, 2019: Welcome to Data Bootcamp…

Welcome to Data Bootcamp!

This is a very exciting course…the world is awash in data and being able to (i) harness, (ii) analyze, and (iii) communicate the analysis in a compelling way are must have skills for today and for the future. Employers are looking for them and you will be a better employee. And I’m looking forward to helping you acquire these skills.

In less than a week we will have our first meeting and get the semester started. I want to reach out to you about some features of this course to help you prepare for the semester ahead.

(1) Read the Syllabus. I’ve posted the syllabus for the upcoming semester at our course website:

This has information about important dates, texts, grading, etc. Please take some time to go over this prior to our first class meeting.

(2) Make sure you have a laptop computer you can bring to class and install your own programs on. This is a must. We will be writing programs in every class.

(3) Take the online survey. This link below:

has a survey for you to complete. Completing this will partially go towards your participation / professionalism grade.

(4) Explore the website. The website provides a bunch of information about the course, FAQ, data, code, etc.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all and a great semester!